Abimoxi Institute of Health

Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases using the Yi Jing and the Eight Special Channels


Effective diagnosis and treatment of diseases is the key to the successful practice of acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  Dr. James Shyun will show how it is possible to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease when the concepts found in the Yi Jing are applied to the Eight Special Channels.  As a an expert in Chinese medicine with over 50 years of experience, Dr. Shyun will teach practitioners how to use the Yi Jing concepts to use the Eight Special channels to accurate diagnosis disease. Practitioners will also learn how to use the Yi Jing to determine the best time of the day and which are the best points in the Eight Special Channels to treat various diseases.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

•    Receive an in-depth understanding of how the Yi Jing concepts are used to diagnose disease.
•    Be able to effectively address different types of disease using acupuncture along the Eight Special Channels
•    Understand how to achieve consistent and positive clinical results using Yi Jing concepts.